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These days its sad but true. Nintendo no longer rules the roost in the video gaming market…

But I'm sure that's all set to change and the industry is going to be shook up.

When Nintendo first announced they were going to be making a handheld video gaming console that was going to utilise two screens and that wasn't going to be the successor to the world famous Gameboy and also was'nt going to be as powerful as Sonys upcoming hand held console the PSP, numerous major league characters from the video gaming industry laughed, and then they laughed even more. It almost seemed as if Nintendo was trying, on purpose to make their grave that tiny bit bigger due the lack of success the company has had with their current home console the Nintendo Gamecube.

People's minds wondered if Nintendo were just trying to turn into a gimmick company.

Two screens, just whats the point? people asked. Then Nintendo let on; as the console lacks the horse power that the Sony PSP packs, Nintendo created something unique for its console and this was by announcing that one of the screens [ie] the top screen would be used as the 'game screen' or 'stats screen' and the other would be 'touch screen'.

With the touch screen comes endless control possibility's which it turn alters the ways to play the game. This is where people started to see the greatness of Nintendo idea. With this touch screen you can do such things as:

  • move the character with the utmost precision
  • drag and drop items from the screens
  • write letters or use as a keyboard
  • and much much more

The whole experience with the Nintendo DS is about touch.

Because there were so many unexplored gaming genres which would work fantastically by utilizing this technology developers conjured up some insane ideas for games. There are games now such as Truma Center where you take the role of a doctor and use the stylus as your scalpel to solve complex surgical puzzles with extreme preciseness's, the patients in this game are in your hands.

It's games like this and many other that are going to make the DS and video games as a whole a success, people I think and hope, are now growing bored of playing the latest sequel and they want to experience something new, something fresh. Its company's like Nintendo that the video gaming industry needs to cherish if it wants to remain keeping its profits healthy.

To finish this blog post off this news was broadcast on the Internet on the 4th April 2006.

Financial outlet Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo's annual profit has hit a four-year high, propelled by strong sales of the Nintendo DS and gains in the dollar.

Bloomberg reports that Nintendo's net income jumped by 8.7 percent to $808 million. This is despite the company's full-year revenue drooping by three percent, meaning that the company was much more profitable on the income it did take in. That's good news for Nintendo.

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