Nintendo’s Wifi Service + Mario Kart = Simply Great


Let me start this off by saying; Mario Kart Ds is pure and utter greatness concealed as a game.

Most Mario Kart veterans were disappointed in the Gamecube incarnation so it was down to the Nintendo Ds version to give them the version that they truly deserved. And thankfully Nintendo delivered.

In-fact they delivered what many Nintendo fans had been lusting at for years, the opportunity to take your favourite character and race him or her online against the wealth of Mario Kart fanatics online, via the Nintendo WiFi service.

It's all very simple to set up. If you own broadband then you can either connect to the WiFi service using a wireless router or by purchasing the Nintendo WiFi dongle. If you are'nt lucky enough to have full access to broadband then you could always visit one of many hot-spots Nintendo setup.

OK you're thinking this sounds extremely easy to set up, and believe me it is. Once your online you can choose to either race against 'worldwide' opponents, Continental or people who you've added to your Friends list. Once you have chosen who you want to race against by choosing one of those options you can connect choose your favourite character and your away.

Its as simple as that to play online using your Nintendo DS. So if you haven't done so, then what are you waiting for?!

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