E3 Preview

Well its nearly that time again, the Electronic Gaming Expo or E3 for short is almost upon us.

Hosted in the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 10th – 12th for the Expo and running May 9th – 11th for the conference program this is the biggest gaming event of the year, attracting millions of people from game developers and 'industry celebrity's' to members of the public this event is all about showing what gamers can expect in the upcoming future in regards to both new hardware and software.

This years E3 is set to become the most exciting in years; it is where Nintendo and Sony will both unveil their latest consoles in playable form. No longer will the media and the public be staring at technical demos, but they will be going hands on with the next generation of video games.

Yes this year is going to become a stomping ground for the next gen consoles with the aim to show the general public just what each company is made off and each has a lot to prove.
Nintendo will be in one corner. Sony in the second corner and Microsoft in the third. They will all be trying to wow consumers and the media, as the giants in gaming prepare to do battle once again.

All eyes will, as expected be focused on Nintendo and Sony this year because as stated before will be the ones showing off their new home consoles, both of which will looking for a place under your television when released around November time.

That's not to say that Microsoft will be ignored as the gaming giant already has it's home console out in stores worldwide .

For them it will be about showing off the games that Xbox 360 owners can look forward to playing this year and into the new year. Their aim is going to be enticing gamers to flock to their console rather than the rivals, who the spotlight this year will be on.

This years E3 is going to all be all about the wow factor. I'm quite confident that the company that is going to leave attendees with their jaws left wide open will be the Japanese giant Nintendo.

We shall see.

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