Will The Revolution Be Granted Enough Shop Floor Space?


As any Gamecube fan will know, walking into a games store is a very sad sight as of late.

The section for Gamecube games is generally hidden right at the back of the shop, tucked away for only the die-hards to find. It's quite obvious why Game's stores feel the need to do this, as the Gamecube is a format thats currently on its last breath. At the store that I work at we have been given the Gamecube stock from our bigger store in the town center to help shift and get rid off. In turn the larger store has now completely stopped selling Gamecube games and accessories.

So your asking what has this got to do with the Revolution?, the Gamecube is a console on its last legs, its no wonder why it hasn't got prime shelf space.

Well the thing is not all going bad for Nintendo.

Nintendo's other console, the immensely popular handheld Ds, is on the other hand selling extremely well (We as a store sell more Nintendo Ds than Sony PSP) So with such a attractive selling console as the Ds where then would the company choose to position it's display to the public… Well the truth is, it's relegated near enough alongside the Gamecube section towards the very back of the store.

Id imagine you can guess what has been allocated the prime shelving space?.

Well you'd be correct if your guess was the Playstation 2 and the PSP. Is this going to continue for the Revolution launch where I can imagine the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will be shining brightly at the front of the store and the Revolution is tucked away for only the hardcore to find.

I sincerely hope not.

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