Nintendos New Target Audience


Nintendo are here to claim back the gaming crown.

And with a strategy such as their's it's going to be a risky one, but with a company like Nintendo this isn't entirely new.

What the company first plans to do is to reclaim those gamers who lost interest in games a few years back. The ones who have grown older and have far more responsibility's these days, than they did when they first encountered the Mario series.

Their second port of call is to bring onboard the gamers who enjoy playing the simple free online games on portals such as Msn or Yahoo games.. That's one huge market thats been overlooked in the past that comprises of largely of female gamers and male gamers of all age types. These people aren't your typical console game's players, they don't want to play the upcoming Final Fantasy role playing game.. They just want their quick fix of fun and gaming kept simple and to a minimum.

The third type of audience Nintendo want to attract is the older market, who are the ones who have the most money. With games such as Brain Training and Trauma Center targeted towards this demographic this should'nt pose too bigger problem, as long as Nintendo keeps releasing games in the same vain as the ones mentioned then this target audience may well jump at the chance to hop on board.

These are three types of audience that so far have mainly been ignored by the gaming industry and as you can see have key roles in Nintendos plan to take back the market.

As has been shown with the success of the Nintendo Ds and the unusual types of gamers flocking to it this isn't impossible to do, and if Nintendo can capture these markets, then the games industry is in the company's hands…

11 thoughts on “Nintendos New Target Audience”

  1. I’m almost 14 and I’ve been a nintendo fan ever since I first layed my hand on my friends gameboy. Since then I’ve never lost intreest really. :)

  2. The first Nintendo console I ever played on was the super Nintendo and I remember being wowed over by it’s array of magical titles.. I just wish I never sold it!

  3. Donkey Kong was awesome. Though sadly I bought it just as I sold the console so didnt have much time to fully enjoy the game.

    Donkey Kong on the Wii is going to be awesome, I hope its a back to basics 3D platformer with Mr Miyamoto at the production helm.

  4. I always loved Nintendo but to be honest, since the Wii, I’ve totally lost interest. These games are horrible!! Now and then they come out with something good like a new Zelda game or a new Mario game but other then that, the games are for 5 year olds. Its sad really.

    1. Then it obviously isn’t marketed to you. Nintendo’s strategy isn’t targeting the advanced gamer that is interested in game play and graphics. Not everyone is interested in playing role playing games 5 hours per day

  5. I am a huge fan of nintendo, i still have my origional SNES. The best thing about the SNES was the Mario games and the Super Scope games.

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