Reggie left GameStop directors because they refused to say how they would turn things around

The former head of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has told an audience at South by Southwest why he decided to step down from GameStop’s board of directors. Reggie says that the company wouldn’t explain to him how they would turn around their ailing retail business. Because of that he couldn’t continue work alongside them and he also said that GameStop leadership rebuffed his ideas. Reggie stepped down from the board of directors after serving barely a year with GameStop.

“There has not been an articulated strategy. Leadership says we don’t want to articulate our strategy because they don’t want it to be stolen. To me, that was not acceptable.”

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11 thoughts on “Reggie left GameStop directors because they refused to say how they would turn things around”

  1. How tragic for Reggie. Its a shame that they didn’t give him a explanation on why they would not turn things around.

    Also sickr, if you look closely, you put two said in the article you made.

    1. Gamestop has always been dumb but this is ridiculous. You had someone that was not only the head of Nintendo of America but is easily 1 of the most recognizable faces in gaming and you do this?
      Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.

    2. He was former president of the best hardware and possibly the only company that will retain hard copy games, on their board. Reggie could have shown them how to advertise and get more foot traffic into GameStop. The exact reason he was appointed to the board.


    3. GameStop is just a broken company. You walk into a store today, you see it immediately. They’re so focused on carrying crap in their stores. People don’t go there for keychains, puzzles, t-shirts, candy, etc. They go there for video games. If they focused on that and carrying games and consoles from all generations, they would be way more successful and especially with older consoles and games, each store would be different from the other. They’re digging their own grave.

    4. Wow,

      The fact that higher-ups can bullshit Reggie of all people. I wonder what Nintendo EAD and FucKonami are capable of……

      Either way, GameStop is a shit company, and you’re better just buying games at Best Buy (and other random retailers).

      But I guess we’re out out luck when it comes to selling used games (something I’ve never done in my life). I still have so many Wii U games that were superseded by their Switch counterparts, even ones that were stealthily dropped one year later (like Pokken Tournament DX).

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