Mario Party Superstars has been updated to version 1.1.1

Mario Party Superstars team

Mario Party Superstars has been available on the Nintendo Switch for 5 months now. Since then, the game has had only one update, and that update’s priority was to fix a bug that caused a game crash shortly after the game had been released.

Well, Nintendo has decided to release another update. Once you update Mario Party Superstars, the game should be at version 1.1.1. As with the previous update, bug fixes are the main focus. You can see the official patch notes for the update down below.

  • Online
    • Fixed an issue in which the game cannot progress forward when viewing minigame rankings in the Data House.
    • Made changes to a game feature where a session is immediately ended when pressing the B button while in the Village Square after joining players via the Friend House. A message will now be displayed asking if you would like to end the session.
  • General
    • Fixed an issue in which the minigame does not end when playing Ice-Rink Risk, Dizzy Dancing, Catch You Letter, or Cheep Cheep Chase.
    • Fixed an issue in the Stick and Spin minigame in which the game’s movement gets slower as the high score gets raised and the game forcibly ends.
    • Fixed other issues to improve the overall gameplay experience.


6 thoughts on “Mario Party Superstars has been updated to version 1.1.1”

    1. Considering the fact that Nintendo barely updates Mario party games and always makes another a sequel it’s most likely the latter part it sucks that we just got a basic update instead of something interesting a new board or 2.

      1. I’m thinking that if we get any DLC it’ll be announced during the usual E3 time. Dunno why, but the timing just seems right to me, and if we don’t see it by then I’m thinking we won’t get any

        1. Honestly I wouldn’t mind because they gave up way too early on smp, only to come back and give it online before they replace it with another mario party, smp even has datamine boards just like mpss why not update both their like two seperate games that are way too different from eachother.

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